As a Lincolnshire system we want individuals to have an opportunity to an independent and confidential space for you to explore what fulfilment, success and career development mean to you. To identify your priorities and your short, medium and longer term career aspirations.

You may use this time to:

  • Consider what fulfilment, job satisfaction, success and career progression mean to you get clarity on your talents, skills, and expertise as well as areas you’d like to enhance and develop.
  • Develop your career blueprint – a framework of what you want in terms of practicalities, development, scope, and function.
  • Create an actionable plan to both prepare yourself for your next step and take that next step.

Career Coaching Pilot

Our current career coaching pilot has been paused please see below a review of the pilot that ran March 23 to March 24.

Career Planning

As a system we are working with an independent – CPD consultancy to provide some face-to-face workshops and virtual drop-in taster sessions for both managers and individuals throughout 24/25.  These sessions will support career planning and personal development for individuals or how to have these as a manager. 

There is a choice of individual and manger in person training which will include a day face to face and a follow up virtually or there is a series of virtual sessions on three different topics – unearthing/understanding, developing and embedding you can attend all three of these or the ones relevant to you.

Please use the link below to register and hold your place on this offer -

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If you have any questions or need support, please contact The People Hub: