What is the Career Coaching Service? 

This coaching program is a personalised, guided conversation to support you in clarifying your career aspirations and goals. It is an opportunity to look holistically at where you are now and where you want to go so you develop a career plan that allows you to utilise your current skills, expand your development, maximise fulfilment and live into your potential.

What to expect from the service? 

An independent and confidential space for you to explore what fulfilment, success and career development mean to you. As well as to identify your priorities and your short, medium and longer term career aspirations.

You may use this time to:

  • Consider what fulfilment, job satisfaction, success and career progression mean to you get clarity on your talents, skills and expertise as well as areas you’d like to enhance and develop.
  • Develop your career blueprint – a framework of what you want in terms of practicalities, development, scope and function.
  • Create an actionable plan to both prepare yourself for your next step and take that next step.


Career Coaching has helped employees to.

  • Understand what they want from their career and how they can achieve that within the Lincolnshire System.
  • Set themselves up for career move they want to make in 6-12 months’ time by accessing training, development, enhancement and / or mentoring now
  • Find alternative roles, both total career changes, ‘next step up’ and sideways moves into a more aligned position.

As an impartial coach I facilitate a collaborative conversation so you can gain insight into your personal situation and the choices available to you, as well as encouraging you to reflect differently on challenges and blocks you may be facing.

Coaching is confidential space entirely focused on you so we can bring an attention and focus to your goals and aspirations that is often not possible during everyday life. This allows you to create ideas, formulate a personal action plan and move forward in a constructive way.

Why access the service? 

Case study shared with the participant’s permission, all personal information has been changed to maintain confidentiality.

When Kate came for career coaching she knew that she wanted to stay working in the NHS, but she felt she had got all that she could from her current Administration role and was looking for a fresh challenge.

We spoke about what interested her, what job satisfaction meant to her, what she enjoyed most as well as what she really didn’t want to do anymore. We identified her key skills and transferable talents and experience as well as looking at her longer term vision for her career

From this, two distinct ideas emerged for Kate and we were able to create an actionable plan for her to explore these career paths, what the available jobs were, the retraining and whether that would allow her to develop in the ways she wanted to.

This research allowed her to make the decision that one of the pathways was right for her and start to look at positions that could provide her with the development opportunities within her new chosen career. She applied for a role and was offered the job within a couple of months of embarking on career coaching.