The NHS People Promise

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What is the NHS People Promise?

The NHS People Promise is a national initiative that is aligned with the NHS Long Term Plan, the NHS Long Term Workforce Plan, the NHS People Plan 2020/2021 and the Lincolnshire Primary Care People Plan.  The People Promise comprises of seven elements which are illustrated in the graphic below:

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More information about the NHS People Promise can be found here: NHS England » Our NHS People Promise

Watch TV Doctor Dr Amir Khan and NHS staff working in a broad range of roles across the country explain the NHS People Promise:

 Our NHS People Promise (Full length, BSL) - YouTube

The seven elements and wording of the People Promise have come from national staff engagement activities where staff working in various healthcare roles, in a range of healthcare settings, identified the things that matter to them most in improving their experiences in the work that they do. 

The NHS People Promise is also aligned to the NHS Staff Survey and the NHS General Practice Staff Survey (GPSS) as a means of measuring how staff experience impacts on their working lives.  All staff employed by the NHS are invited to take part in the annual staff survey. 

In order to deliver on the NHS People Promise Plan, NHS England have commissioned People Promise Managers in NHS organisations throughout the UK. Lincolnshire Primary Care have been successful in becoming part of the NHS People Promise Exemplar Programme – Cohort two. We have two newly appointed People Promise Managers in post, on a job share basis, delivering on a staff engagement focused NHS People Promise Action Plan. This NHS People Promise Action Plan will work alongside the Lincolnshire Primary Care Attraction, Recruitment and Retention Strategy. 

Our People Promise Action Plan

Over the coming 12 months, we will be implementing a broad range of targeted actions to help embed the NHS People Promise across Lincolnshire Primary Care. Please do keep an eye out for communications with further details. All communications will feature the People Promise graphic displayed at the top of this web page.

Have Your Say -

The People Promise is all about you. We would love to hear your thoughts on how you would like to see the People Promise embedded into Lincolnshire Primary Care. To learn more about your People Promise managers  - Meet our People Promise Managers :: Lincolnshire One Workforce (

Please contact us by email: or



People Promise Resources - 

This section of the NHS People Promise page aims to provide a library of resources for managers and staff looking to implement different elements of the People Promise within their own practice or PCN. This library of resources will be added to over the coming months.

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Allyship and inclusive recruitment toolkits: Resources - Lincolnshire Training Hub

Allyship resources: Resources :: Lincolnshire One Workforce (

Allyship training: Training :: Lincolnshire One Workforce (

Contact details for freedom to speak up guardians: Coming soon

Link to currently open staff surveys: Coming soon

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Moments that Matter editable digital cards to celebrate key events such as staff birthdays and workiversaries, welcome new members of the team or simply to say thank you.  digital cards

Sign-up link for Shiny Mind health and wellbeing app with functionality to send positivity posts and shout-outs:

NHSE Midlands Financial Wellbeing Programme with HSBC - Financial Programme


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Pastoral support for international recruits including cultural posters to support managers and teams understand the cultures of those they are working with: Pastoral support for international recruits :: Lincolnshire One Workforce (


Employment plans for people with Autism or a Learning Disability: Latest News | Employment Is For Everyone

Disability Confident guide for managers to help them recruit, retain, and foster the progression of disabled people and those with health conditions in the workplace (Department for Work and Pensions (DWP)): New guide published to help businesses boost disabled people’s prospects at work - GOV.UK (


Connected Cultures network for BAME staff: Connected Cultures Network :: Lincolnshire One Workforce (

Allyship and inclusive recruitment toolkits: Resources - Lincolnshire Training Hub

Allyship resources: Resources :: Lincolnshire One Workforce (

Allyship training: Training :: Lincolnshire One Workforce (

International Virtual Café and International Staff Buddy Scheme Virtual Cafe


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Enhanced Primary Care Health and Wellbeing offer: Health & Wellbeing - Lincolnshire Training Hub

Health and wellbeing events and workshops available to Primary Care staff: Health and Wellbeing Events and Workshops :: Lincolnshire One Workforce (

Menopause toolkit for managers and staff and contact details of menopause champions/advocates: Menopause :: Lincolnshire One Workforce (

Men’s health and wellbeing: Men's Health and Wellbeing :: Lincolnshire One Workforce (

Mental health first aid training: Mental Health First Aiders / Wellbeing Champions :: Lincolnshire One Workforce (

Champion Health wellbeing webinar: Your Mental Health Matters Too: Supporting Wellbeing At Work | Champion Health Webinar on Vimeo


Practitioner Health: A free, confidential NHS primary care mental health and addiction service with expertise in treating health & care professionals:

Jon Hilton: From Bullets to Business. An inspirational wellbeing webinar delivered by Jon Hilton, a former Royal Engineer with the Army, 2 x world record holder and multiple business owner. For the link, please contact

Five Ways to Wellbeing video:

HSE Stress Prevention toolkit – Toolkit

Introduce Dr Irina Brook’s quick workout between patients or at staff meetings to improve staff wellbeing:


Employee Wellbeing Action Plans

NHSE health and wellbeing conversations e-learning training:

Mind’s Wellness Action Plan – Action plan

NHSE My Wellbeing Plan – Wellbeing plan

Ideas to help you cope and build your wellbeing using the 30-3-30 approach – 30-3-30 approach


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Lincolnshire Training Hub: Supporting primary healthcare teams - Lincolnshire Training Hub

Midlands Leadership Academy:

Morph training for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians: MORPh Clinical Training for Pharmacists (

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Flexible working toolkit for managers: flexible-working-toolkit-for-line-managers-v1.2.pdf (

Flexible working toolkit for individuals: flexible-working-toolkit-for-individuals.pdf (

National flexible working people policy framework NHS England » National flexible working people policy framework

Staff Engagement Drop-in Sessions:


Staff engagement drop-in session 2024/2025 schedule – Timetable


Recordings of Staff Engagement Drop-in Sessions:


April 2024: Introduction to the NHS People Promise: