This data and feedback is taken from a survey of staff carers from January 2024.

51% of respondents have had to change their working hours in the last 6 months to accommodate their caring role.

88% of respondents reported that their own health has been impacted by their caring role.

65% of respondents reported they had felt the need to take annual leave/sickness absence because of juggling their work with their caring role.

Although 78% of respondents feel supported by their line manager.

  • only 20% of them had been given information about policies to support them.
  • only 21% had been given information about carers passports.
  • only 10% had been given information about Lincolnshire Carers Service.
  • only 23% of had been given information about carers networks.

Staff carers were asked:

What would make a positive impact on your life as an unpaid carer while working in the NHS?

These are some of the responses given…

  • Right now, I honestly do not know.  I just keep going from day to day.
  • Empathy and understanding.
  • A better understanding of how time consuming and mentally and physically exhausting a carers role can be particularly when you are doing a hectic full-time job as well.
  • Empathy, comprehension and understanding.
  • Although I know what the NHS and the trust are striving towards better support, I feel my managers do not have the same approach.
  • Empathy, understanding, flexibility, care.  They seem too busy to take the time to ask.
  • Manager identifying a carer in the team and checking in just like doing a supervision, regular contact.
  • This should be a standing item on 1:1 if someone is a Carer regarding support.
  • Mangers don’t know how to support staff - you feel like you are at their mercy.
  • Manager advice on what is available to me - promoting this and revisiting it in supervision.
  • More support with trying to juggle caring and work.
  • More flexible working.  If I could have more flexible working, it would make life so much easier at work and at home.
  • Flexibility in unprecedented circumstances would be beneficial.
  • Just flexibility allowed on my shift sometimes with no drama.
  • Flexibility with working hours.
  • More information on people you could contact if you require help.
  • A list of the different services available.
  • Not having to battle for the support I need. I love my role and have been recognised for my delivery and ability, but my personal life has changed and the culture within my department in relation to this is ‘I can’t support what you need’. I am frustrated, disappointed and sad with the current situation I find myself in.