Lorraine Gregson (RMN) People Promise Manager LPFT

I am a mental health nurse and have worked in clinical settings for many years. I am aware of the challenges faced by staff working in health and social care and I am passionate about supporting their wellbeing. I understand the challenges faced by colleagues experiencing symptoms of menopause and want to be able to support individuals and raise awareness across the organisation to promote a menopause friendly workplace.


Scarlett Webster (Counsellor) Wellbeing Hub Outreach Lead LPFT

I have worked in LPFT’s original Staff Wellbeing Service since 2012, I am a qualified Counsellor and Coach and at the start of 2022 I began working as the Staff Wellbeing Hub’s Outreach Lead. Within my role I facilitate and lead on our broad range of workshops and I engage with the needs of a number of organisations developing ways in which we can support staff to be happy and healthy at work. My professional role and my personal leanings and interests are rooted in health and wellbeing and I have a diverse background in this from the Arts, the Outdoors and Healing work. In my spare time I enjoy Cycling, Hiking, Yoga, Personal Development and Cake (Eating not making).


Charlotte Toyne (Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner) LPFT

I am a Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner (PWP) and work in service to support clients experiencing difficulties with their wellbeing and common mental health problems such as low mood and anxiety using Low intensity CBT techniques. Outside of work, I enjoy going to gigs, reading, baking and spending time with family and friends.


Melissa Thiele (Organisational Development Lead) LCHS

Email: Tel No: 07840842519

Hi! My name is Mel Thiele and I am the Scaling People Lead for the Lincolnshire Integrated Care System (ICS). As I am currently walking the path of menopause myself, I intimately grasp the challenges and triumphs that accompany this significant life transition. In my role as a manager at both EMAS and LCHS, I've had the privilege of supporting and leading women through their menopausal journeys. This first-hand experience has deepened my understanding of the issues faced by women during this stage of life, shaping my compassionate and empathetic approach.

At the heart of my mission is a genuine passion for fostering holistic wellbeing. I believe that navigating menopause should be a supported and empowering experience for every woman. With my professional background in management and my personal insight into the menopausal journey, I am dedicated to providing a safe space for both staff and managers supporting staff in the menopause to discuss, learn, and thrive during this transformative phase.


Susan Ogunyemi (Healthy Minds Practitioner) LPFT

Email: Tel No: 07412568754

Hi I’m Su and I work with the Healthy Minds Team at Grantham. I love my role and I will be the first to say some days it’s tough especially when navigating around menopausal symptoms.

Most of the roles we all work in demand much of us and so when menopause strikes it can often be overwhelming. I am passionate about each of us being able to give the best we can n our roles but to enable that to get the support we require to do so. This does require those around us and supporting colleagues to have the awareness and training to be able to come alongside their colleagues and staff. I am so grateful to be part of the team that can help deliver this


Lyndsey Clapham (Lead Health & Wellbeing Coordinator) LCHS

Email: Tel No: 07811315696

Hi, I’m Lyndsey Clapham, Health & Wellbeing Lead Coordinator.
My role includes supporting the health & wellbeing of colleagues through provision of a holistic offer of services and initiatives. We aim to ensure individuals affected by symptoms of menopause have access to appropriate support and that this can be spoken about openly in the workplace. I am one of the trainers delivering Menopause Awareness sessions for colleagues and Managers; I strongly recommend everyone to attend to assist your own knowledge and awareness.


Liana Vignoni (Practice Educator) LPFT

Email: Tel No: 01522 573648

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Debbie Hardy (Skills Trainer) LINCA

Email: Tel No: 01522581073

I have worked in health and social care for 30+ years and I have worked many roles from care support worker through to Registered Manager. I transferred to the development of the workforce through delivering training pre covid and currently work for Care in Lincs as a Skills Trainer.

When I’m not working I like to spend time with my family and enjoy getting out and about in the countryside, exploring all the UK has to offer.

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Lisa Wishart (Deputy Head of CHC & PHB Business & Administration)

NHS Lincolnshire Integrated Care Board 


Hi, I’m Lisa 

As part of the All Age Continuing Care Team, I lead on Personal Health Budgets for the ICB.  I have worked in health and social care across many different services delivery areas for over 20 years.  

I am passionate about health and wellbeing in the workplace and was delighted to be offered the opportunity to become a Menopause Advocate.  With lived experience of navigating through the symptoms of perimenopause and pre-menstrual dismorphic disorder (PMDD) whilst trying to maintain my role within the workplace, I understand how difficult and isolating it can be at times. I look forward to being able to support colleagues who are going through a similar experience and also managers who may be wishing to support an employee or just to find out a little bit more. 

My interests are all things holistic. I enjoy yoga, spending time with my family and to be honest, with 3 dogs, 2 cats, a gecko and a snake, there really isn’t a great deal of time for anything else in my life! 

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Karlotte Ground (Occupational Health Nurse) ULH



Lynsey Donohoe ULH



Nicola Toyne (Children & Young Peoples Wellbeing Practitioner & Trainee Low Intensity Supervisor) LPFT

Email: Tel No: 01522 421699


Amie Brook (Clinical Team Lead) LCHS

Email: Tel No: 01522 504380


Sophie Wilson (Divisional Business Manager) LPFT

Email: Tel No: 07966181541


Heather Barr (Service Manager) LPFT

Email: Tel No: 01522 309295