Lincolnshire Staff Wellbeing Hub

The Staff Wellbeing Hub provides staff with the opportunity to access a range of support, training, activities and therapies to help staff and volunteers improve their physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

The team at the Staff Wellbeing Hub can support and signpost you to the most appropriate wellbeing support available for you. There are also carefully selected additional resources available to help you.

The Staff Wellbeing Hub provides staff with the opportunity to access support and psychological therapy for a range of reasons such as anxiety, depression, stress and physical health difficulties. Your difficulties do not have to be work related to seek support.

Our team of clinicians provide discreet and confidential support to staff from across the Lincolnshire Integrated Care System.

Please note that the Lincolnshire Staff Wellbeing hub is not an emergency service or crisis team. If you have an immediate, life-threatening emergency requiring mental or physical health assistance call 999 or go to A&E. 

For further immediate support please check the urgent support section.

Need help now?

If your mental or emotional state quickly gets worse or deteriorates, this can be called a 'mental health crisis'. In this situation, it is important to get help quickly.

Please call the mental health helpline on 0800 001 4331 and our dedicated local staff will support you to access the help you need. The phone line is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

If you are seeking emotional wellbeing and mental health support for children and young people, please call the Lincolnshire Here4You line on 0800 234 6342 (open 24/7).

You should still call 999 or go to A&E if you have an immediate, life-threatening emergency requiring mental or physical health assistance.

Other urgent support available:

Campaign against Living Miserably (CALM) call 0800 585858 (5pm-midnight) Homepage | Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) (

Shout- offer free confidential 24/7 crisis text support. Text ‘SHOUT’ to 85258  Shout - UK's 24/7 Crisis Text Service for Mental Health Support | Shout 85258 (

Samaritans – whatever you are going through a Samaritan will face it with you. Available 24/7 Call 116 1123 Samaritans | Every life lost to suicide is a tragedy | Here to listen

Papyrus – if you are under 35 and feel that life is not worth living contact Papyrus hopeline available 24/7 on 08000684141, text 07786209697.Papyrus UK Suicide Prevention | Prevention of Young Suicide (


What we offer

The Lincolnshire Staff Wellbeing Hub is a completely independent service providing discreet and confidential support to ALL staff working in health and social care across Lincolnshire.

The Lincolnshire Staff Wellbeing Hub offers a holistic approach to support your wellbeing. This includes a range of social activities, workshops, training and therapies including rapid access to assessment and onward care navigation together with a variety of psychological therapy and interventions ranging from a supportive conversation with one of our team, to 1:1 therapy.

  • The Hub Support Line: offers a supportive listening service alongside a triage process for those in need. It provides a safe, judgement free space to offload, wobble or even just chat.
  • Hub follow up support  - this is an informal support facilitated by one of our team to provide you with a safe judgement free space to offload and talk through your current difficulties. This would be a continuation of the support from our hub support line as required. We are able to provide supportive listening, guidance and signposting to help you through a challenging time.
  • Psychological assessment  -  Assessment is an open conversation between you and a mental health practitioner about your thoughts, feelings, actions and concerns you might have about your personal, professional life or relationships. The more open and honest you can be the easier it will be to find you the right help and support. It typically lasts up to an hour, although if your needs are particularly complex, assessment can consist of a number of sessions.
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is a type of talking treatment which focuses on how your thoughts, beliefs and attitudes affect your feelings and behaviour, and teaches you coping skills for dealing with different problems. The Hub offers support with a range of low intensity interventions informed by CBT.
  • Computerised CBT (CCBT) A range of programmes designed to help you understand more about your current difficulties before walking you through useful techniques based on CBT. This involves weekly telephone reviews with a clinician.
  • Counselling – Person centred counsellors offer a reflective, non-judgemental space, guiding you to discover your own solutions.
  • Psychological Wellbeing Practitioners (PWP) Support with a range of low intensity interventions informed by CBT in the form of written or computerised guided self help for the treatment of anxiety and depression.
  • Psychology One to one support with an Assistant Psychologist or Clinical Psychologist who will draw on a range of theoretical frameworks to support with issues such as trauma,  anxiety, depression and work related stress.
  • Team support– bespoke workshops to support your teams or provision of debrief/reflective space following a critical incident.
  • Menopause support –. Access to staff members with increased understanding and training around menopause, the changes and symptoms and different ways of managing these and to offer signposting and support to enable you to make informed choices.
  • Health and Wellbeing Champions – Support the health and wellbeing of colleagues across the organisation by promoting and encouraging initiatives and encouraging colleagues to access relevant health and wellbeing support. 
  • Mental Health First Aiders (MHFA)  -  employees who challenge stigma and encourage positive mental health in the organisation and for its workforce. Help the organisation to promote positive mental health and role model positive mental health working practices. They are available to have conversations with colleagues about mental health, and to signpost individuals to appropriate available support. Access to a network of MHFA across the Lincolnshire Integrated Care System.
  • Groups/Workshops – In addition to one to one support we offer a number of groups and workshops to support your wellbeing