As part of Inclusion & Belonging, we want to encourage our HR teams and recruiting managers to implement an Inclusive Recruitment process that actively recognises diversity and embraces a wide range of qualities and perspectives that candidates bring to an organisation.

Inclusive recruitment practices aim to level the playing field for all applicants to fight against recruitment bias and any form of discrimination.

Inclusion is what’s needed to give diversity real impact and drive towards a world of work where all employees are empowered to thrive. Whilst diversity and inclusion often go hand in hand, inclusion is fundamentally about individual experience and allowing everyone at work to contribute and feel a part of an organisation.

Research has shown that having diverse talent on board leads to higher levels of productivity, innovation, and performance.

In the Lincolnshire health and care system, Inclusive Recruitment will form part of a wider piece of work to address discrimination and make policies and processes more inclusive.


The Lincolnshire Inclusive Recruitment Toolkit aims to provide a selection of tools and resources to help HR teams and recruiting managers to create an inclusive recruitment process within their organisation. It will help to build and learn from best practice and research, enabling the development of either part of the recruitment process or the whole process, and identify where improvements can be made.

The toolkit will support understanding around the variety of barriers and circumstances that can lead to inequalities existing for BAME, people of different ages, people with disabilities, LGBTQ+ and people from other communities.

The toolkit has been designed to help ensure that elements of equality, diversity and inclusion are always considered by recruiters involved in the selection of new employees.

Practically, the toolkit will help raise the profile around the importance of diverse and inclusive decision making.