Be the change – become an ally!

Allyship looks to those who can advocate and actively work towards the inclusion of marginalised groups. As an ally, they won’t identify as a member of that group but will stand in solidarity with and share a supportive point of view. These groups will often face discrimination daily.

In the Lincolnshire health and care system, allyship will form part of a wider piece of work to address discrimination, make our workplaces better places to work, and make policies and processes more inclusive.

The Lincolnshire Allyship Toolkit aims to provide a bank of tools and resources around the importance of allyship. It will provide the opportunity to embed a thriving allyship support programme around creating compassionate civil and respectful working cultures across the health and care system.

Practically, the toolkit will support staff in how to practice allyship and raise awareness of how effective allyship can support staff health and wellbeing, and the feel of ‘belonging’.

Want to learn more and/or make a pledge to become an ally?