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Lincolnshire Community Health Services (LCHS)

Hi, my name is Musiiwa, as People Manager my role involves promoting the NHS People Promise programme locally here in Lincolnshire. Nationally, the NHS is an extraordinary, world-class service. Together as an employer of over 1.3 million colleagues, we have achieved, and continue to achieve, the extraordinary. We should all feel proud of this and the NHS People Promise aims to build on that through developing a sustainable culture that is positive, compassionate, and inclusive and in which we all have our part to play.

Locally, we have worked in close collaboration as system partners to make the NHS People Promise felt across our organisations as we entered the recovery phase following the devastating global COVID 19 pandemic.

In LCHS we initially spread the NHS People Promise across the organisation using various communication platforms and supported by an ambitious roadshow that saw ‘Promise Conversations’ taking place throughout the length and breadth of our rural and coastal county.

With the message of the People Promise well and truly embedded across our organisation’s divisions, the second year of the programme saw a more devolved approach to promoting the promise. Focusing on the themes,

The People Promise is now being promoted and experienced within the organisation’s teams, among the people for whom the promise is intended.

For more information, please visit the NHS website.

Catherine Smith: People Promise Manager

United Lincolnshire Hospital Trust 



Hello! I am Catherine, and I have been ULHT’s People Promise Manager (PPM) since the beginning of October 2023.

Prior to that, I worked with the Organisational Development team as an OD manager, partnering with the surgery division. Within that role, I took the lead on the “We work Flexibly” People Promise. Our progress in improving the ways in which people can request flexibility, and supporting our managers to proactively offer flexible working, has seen ULHT and the Lincolnshire ICS recognised nationally for its achievements.  

I am super excited to be a part of year two of the Exemplar programme and continue the great work completed by the year one PPM Liz Smith. The second year will see a focus on engagement. I want to ensure that every single staff member at ULHT, understands what the promises are, and the difference they can make to their working lives. It's vital that they are seen as more than slogans and posters on the wall. One element of my role is all about raising awareness of all the amazing work going on in the organisation, and demonstrating to our staff which People Promise we have kept. Another element concerns the co-ordination of new projects and initiatives throughout the employee lifecycle that will improve the experience of our staff, therefore enhance our ability to attract the right candidates and retain the best talent.

 Here at ULHT we are committed to demonstrating that the People Promise bundle approach works and will be intentionally focusing on the following promises:

We are compassionate and inclusive

We are always learning

We work flexibly

We each have a voice that counts

Look out for our monthly blogs where we will be sharing headlines on what we have been up to within our organisations.