Champion Health Digital Application - Making healthier easier for everyone.  

Champion Health pledge to make wellbeing in the workplace inclusive, accessible and engaging. Advertised as the “Netflix of wellbeing”, Champion Health is a platform which enables colleagues to quickly access all of our existing wellbeing services as well as having the opportunity to undertake an individual health assessment that will tailor health and wellbeing content to your needs and interests.

Placing employees in control of their wellbeing, Champion Health gives you the opportunity to train your body and brain with workouts, mindfulness, nutrition plans and more. Champion Health is a hub for personal growth; from best selling authors to Olympians, the app allows you to get insight and advice from experts in all areas of wellbeing. As an integrated platform, Champion Health further enables you to get the right help when you need it and is fully integrated with NHS services allowing for seamless access and self-referral in some instances.

Covering all areas of wellbeing, Champion health personalises the journey for every user and as a result, 97% of surveyed users would recommend the app to a friend. 


  • Cost free for everyone, as part of your organisational HWB offering.
  • A personalised, proactive platform to support every employees wellbeing.
  • Placing you in control of your wellbeing.
  • Create wellbeing action plans.
  • Workouts, mindfulness, nutrition plans and more – everything you need in one place.
  • From best-selling authors to Olympians, get insight and advice from experts in all areas of wellbeing, performance and life.
  • Build and sustain new habits with the ability to track and monitor your wellbeing.
  • Get the right help when you need it. Integrated with Lincolnshire ICS services, you can benefit from bespoke signposting to local services.
  • With a view to supporting everyone in our System, you benefit from 3 exclusive passes to share with friends or family members.





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Mental Health at Work

Alcohol Awareness Support

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